Without action, the red squirrel will become extinct in England within 10 years!


About Us

The Red Squirrel Survival Trust is a national charity established to ensure the conservation and protection of the red squirrel in the UK.

We aim to:

  • Protect red squirrels by keeping reds and greys apart.
  • Secure the environment in which red squirrels can thrive by protecting the biodiversity of Britain’s native woodlands.
  • Assist the winning reds in areas where red squirrel population numbers have stabilised or are increasing.
  • Establish new red colonies across the UK wherever feasible.
  • Fund research on how to secure the red squirrel’s long-term future.
  • Raise awareness of the plight of reds in the UK.

Our Work

We focus on the areas where reds are seriously endangered, which include northern England and South Scotland in particular. 

We are also supportive of activities to protect the red squirrel elsewhere in the UK: there are large populations in the Scottish Highlands, for example, and important colonies of reds also exist in areas such as Anglesey in Wales and the Isle of Wight. Longer term we are looking to establish red squirrel populations elsewhere around the country.


We currently work closely with :

UK Squirrel Accord

The UK Squirrel Accord was created on the initiative of The Prince of Wales to bring a concerted and coordinated approach to securing the future of our native red squirrels and broad-leaf woodlands and to controlling the introduced grey squirrel. It comprises 35 leading nature conservation, woodland, timber industry, and governmental organisations in the UK.

British Red Squirrel

British Red Squirrel is a forum for all those interested in red squirrel conservation and grey squirrel control, providing an information hub with links to current activity across the British Isles.Working alongside other organisations, British Red Squirrel has a focus on raising awareness of the squirrel situation in the British Isles and helping the general public become involved.

Red Squirrels United

Red Squirrels United is the biggest ever partnership of academics, practitioners and volunteers working together on a scientifically robust programme of red squirrel conservation. Our work focuses on nine main stronghold areas of red squirrel populations across Northern Ireland, England and Wales.


Northern Red Squirrels

NRS is an umbrella group that has been created to unite all independent voluntary groups and individuals who are working to help save our red squirrels from extinction in the North of England. It is a ‘network of voluntary action’ that shares news, ideas and best practice. Each member group remains completely independent to allow it to address issues within its own area in the most appropriate way.

Red Squirrels Northern England

RSNE is a partnership project working to conserve red squirrels in Northern England. Launched by HRH The Prince of Wales in 2011, the project combines and builds on the efforts of previous and current initiatives to protect red squirrels through targeted and strategic action.


Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels

Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels is a project to stop the decline of Scotland’s core red squirrel populations. Working closely with local communities, the project is seeking to improve conditions for red squirrels across Scotland, and combat the spread of the non-native grey squirrel.


Mid Wales Red Squirrel Partnership

The Partnership aims to expand and protect the unique population of red squirrels in mid Wales; one of only three significant red squirrel populations in the whole of Wales. The MWRS Partnership has worked to establish sound baseline information about the red squirrel population in mid Wales, leading to the development of a robust understanding of the work required to conserve the red squirrel in mid Wales.

Red Squirrels Trust Wales

Our volunteer led community projects have eradicated grey squirrels from Anglesey and successfully restored red squirrels to the island and adjacent mainland county of Gwynedd. The Trust is now working in partnership with Natural Resources Wales to restore red squirrels to the upland forest of Clocaenog in Denbighshire. Empowering local people with the skills and knowledge to manage their local squirrel populations has also enabled them to contribute to scientific research into squirrelpox and adenovirus infections and to map squirrel distribution across north Wales.


Northern Ireland Squirrel Forum

The Northern Ireland Squirrel Forum (NISF) was established to bring together statutory and non-statutory organisations as well as representatives of country parks, private landowners and local volunteer organisations dedicated to protecting the red squirrel in Northern Ireland

The following maps are digital property of our friends at British Red Squirrel


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