Red Squirrels are the UK’s only native squirrel and have lived here longer than humans


Keeping in Touch

Easter Walks to spot Reds
Easter is a good time to look for red squirrels who will be eating, strengthening drays for breeding or protecting their new-born kit.

Why not take a walk where red squirrels populate.


Alan Titchmarsh: Gardening for Red Squirrels

As an Ambassador for RSST, Alan Titchmarch is encouraging gardeners to plant trees and shrubs as vital food sources for red squirrels.

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Tree Losses & the Grey Squirrel Damage

Government targets to plant millions of trees to help the UK reach a net zero carbon emission position by 2050 could be derailed by grey squirrel

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What matters to us

Fewer than 287,000 red squirrels remain in the UK

Red Squirrel on moss looking at camera

Protecting our red squirrels

Without conservation management, red squirrels will be extinct in England in approximately 10 years and the rest of the UK will follow.

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Woodland Scene

Securing their environment

The broadleaf woodlands of the UK, the original habitat of the red squirrel, are being devastated by grey squirrels. Greys strip bark from tree trunks and branches making them susceptible to tree pests and diseases and, in severe cases, killing the trees.


Squirrel in research exercise

Funding research

RSST is working with the UK Squirrel Accord to bring an effective and affordable grey squirrel fertility control system to the woodlands of the British Isles.

Squirrel Feeding

Why red squirrels are under threat

The red squirrel population has been decimated following the introduction of grey squirrels which have spread relentlessly across the British Isles, monopolising food supplies and spreading disease.

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UK Squirrel Accord Logo

RSST achievements

The last few years have seen significant progress, from the establishment of the UK Squirrel Accord and research into an oral contraception for grey squirrels to leading and informing public debate.

Tree with bark stripped by Grey Squirrel

Woodland damage

Grey squirrels strip bark from the trunks and branches of young trees. Severe damage can kill the tree while milder cases involve bad scarring which is an entry point for other tree pests and disease.

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Ways you can help

Red Squirrel on branch

Make a donation

Every donation you give helps to ensure that our red squirrels survive and thrive.

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Parents and Children in Woodland scene


In addition to regular donations, legacies are vital as they enable us to expand the scope of our activities.

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