Our Achievements

We are a dedicated and influential organisation which champions the interests of red squirrels to decision-makers at a national level

Close up of Red Squirrel on moss covered branch


“RSST has demonstrated its role as a successful and significant fundraiser. It has driven the grey squirrel fertility management programme which is currently being delivered in partnership with Defra, the UK Squirrel Accord and the Animal and Plant Health Agency. This is a world-leading approach for dealing with invasive species that has only been possible because of RSST’s hard work.” Stephen Trotter, Chair of the Cumbria Wildlife Trust and RSST Trustee. 

The UK Squirrel Accord

RSST is proud to have led the establishment in 2015 of the UK Squirrel Accord at the suggestion of HRH The Prince of Wales. The UK Squirrel Accord consists of 39 leading nature conservation, woodland, heritage, timber industry and governmental organisations across the UK, working together to bring a coordinated approach to secure the future of both red squirrels and native woodland.

The Grey Squirrel Fertility Control Project

RSST has led in initiating and fund-raising for the grey squirrel fertility research work being undertaken by Defra’s Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA). Researchers are developing an effective oral contraceptive for grey squirrels and a species-specific distribution hopper designed to be inaccessible by other creatures. Find out more

Leading and informing public debate

RSST is working with Government and its agencies to promote red squirrel conservation and tackle issues caused by grey squirrels across the UK. A successful outcome of this approach was the House of Lords debate on Tree Pests and Diseases in February 2020. https://squirrelaccord.uk/news/blog/protecting-the-uk-s-trees-from-grey-squirrel-damage-house-of-lords-debate/

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