How you can get involved

There are a number of ways to help secure the future of red squirrels in the UK

Volunteer activities include:

 Monitoring activity of both red and grey squirrel

 Community engagement, administration, education and fund-raising

Data collection for scientific research projects

Grey squirrel control

Establishing new red squirrel colonies in suitable areas


Meet some of our volunteers


Whatever their skills or background our volunteers make a real difference to our work in protecting red squirrels. Read the stories  of some of our amazing volunteers and find out more about their roles and how they feel about joining our campaign.


Gerard McCaughen’s Story

Outgoing RSST Volunteer of the Year 2021

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Hugh Rowland’s Story

’Squirrel Whisperer’ The Dingle at Llangefni

Ian Glendinning’s Story

Chair of the Upper Coquetdale Red Squirrel Volunteer Group


Jon Fishman’s Story

Public and schools engagement, Isle of Wight 

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