Fertility Control Research

A revolution in wildlife management techniques

RSST drove the establishment of the UK Squirrel Accord and is raising funds for research into an effective and affordable grey squirrel fertility control system. This research is being undertaken by Defra’s Animal and Plant Health Agency.

The addition of a contraceptive for grey squirrels to other control measures will lead rapidly to a natural drop in their numbers, allowing the population of red squirrels to recover gradually and naturally until they once again flourish throughout the United Kingdom. In turn, native broadleaf trees will gain respite from the bark stripping by grey squirrels that leaves them vulnerable to disease and pathogens.

Red Squirrel within v of tree branches

Research into developing an oral contraceptive for the grey squirrel is at an advanced stage. Hand in hand with the development of the chemistry is the design of a species-specific distribution hopper, inaccessible to red squirrels and other animals and birds so the contraceptive effect is strictly controlled.  

Further  information and FAQs are available about the grey squirrel fertility control research. Find out more 

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Red Squirrel on tree stump blurred woodland background

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