Our Ambassadors


Alan Titchmarsh MBE DL 

Alan Titchmarsh, the Yorkshire-born gardener, broadcaster, poet and novelist has been an RSST Ambassador since its early days. His charitable work includes campaigning for the creation of gardens and green spaces in UK schools, supporting sustainable vegetable gardening in Africa, lifeboats and the National Maritime Museum. He is Chancellor of the University of Winchester.

Dani Connor 

Zoologist Dani Connor is a professional wildlife photographer, social media content creator and “Queen of the Squirrels”. She has been an Ambassador for RSST since 2021. Her name became synonymous with red squirrels after a video of a baby squirrel squeaking went viral, gaining 16 million views. Dani is best known for her work with red squirrels in Northern Sweden but now works extensively in the UK and elsewhere.

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